'The Seeker' - Album Release

I am thrilled for the release of my first, full length album, 'The Seeker'. This record is a long time coming and I am grateful for the people who were involved in its production. I hope you'll download it, give it a listen and share it with others!

Brand New Song!

Hello my friends! I just released a brand new tune - a lullaby. It's called "Little One". I wrote it for my nephew and for all my friends who are having little ones of their own. I hope you'll enjoy and share it!

Fading Memories

This song was meant to be shared and hopefully provide some comfort to those associated with this illness. I'm glad it's doing so.

Recording in Process...

Hello friends.  I'm in the process of recording a new album and am having a great time doing so.  Brian Young (Fountains of Wayne, The Posies) is playing drums on it and he's done some brilliant stuff.  Can't wait for you all to hear it! 


Muse on 8th

My friend Jen, owner of Muse on 8th in Los Angeles (my favorite cafe) had me out to play this past Friday night.  I had a lovely time as always and was joined by some great friends.  Thanks to those of you who came out to listen!  My friend Arlie took the following photo. 


Arlington Show

A little over a week ago, I was back east visiting family and friends.  I've been trying to play a show there for a while.  My lovely sister Stephanie came up with the brilliant idea of doing a show in her backyard!  A beautiful setting with friends to play a few songs.  An impromptu show was born!  Old faces, new faces and a bunch of beer.  Doesn't get any better. 

Big thanks to my sister, her roommate Matt and my cousin Pablo for lending me his Taylor guitar, running tech and taking some fantastic photos which you'll find below.  Set list included (ignore the spelling mistakes).

New Website

Hello my friends.  I'm happy to have this new website up and running.  It's a work in progress.  What isn't!?  I hope to continue to update it regularly, especially with new music and new recordings.  All the best in whatever you're doing. 

- chris